Biblioteca Popular (Public Library)

Location : Av. El Salto Norte, 5625 - Huechuraba

The situation : In 2001, two volunteers have come regularly to Fondacio to give support courses to the children of the district of Huechuraba. When they stopped being involved in 2002, the children have kept on coming and were waiting nearby the classrooms. Maria de la Luz, a former librarian and permanent in Fondacio, then decided to create a Reading corner for these children in order to give them something to do and so that they would not stay on the street while waiting for their parents to come back. Little by little, the library has grown.

Our aims :

The beneficiaries: The children from 5 to 12, everyone from Huechuraba’s district come from needy families. Some 30 children come daily, with a “hard core” of 15 children whom coming every day, and 400 children registered. We can also notice that parents and local actors, including some from the municipality, are becoming more and more involved in the project.