Horticultural therapy Center

Location : A 5 000 m² area in Huechuraba (near Santiago).

The situation : In Chile, disabled people with little means are often abandoned by the institutions that welcomed them during their rehabilitation, and by their families, because they are very dependent, or socially excluded because of their disability. People suffering from hemiplegia, paraplegia, or chronic mental illnesses are often not included in the statistics. They stay at home, without being able to give their life a real meaning. This project was born from the desire to rehabilitate them through work.

The aims :
. Socially integrate disabled people thanks to work
. Strengthen their physical and mental rehabilitation thanks to occupational therapy
. Develop disabled people’s capacities to produce traditional herbal medicinal products and in the field of natural / organic culture
. Maximize the disabled person’s work depending on its personal needs, and adapt its work station
. Help them socially, culturally and spiritually.

Beneficiaries : The Hortitherapy work center is located in Fondacio’s center. 27 disabled persons are taken in charge. 5 of them are part of the production team, and can be paid based on the work they do.

The actors of the project
Project of Fondacio Chile
Person in charge : Monica Espinoza
Tél : 00 56 2 32 60 556
Email : monica.espinozanissim@gmail.com

Prospects :
The center is looking seeks for funding to set up infrastructures to :
- Let people on wheelchairs access the whole site
- Adapt the equipment to let people gain autonomy.

Figures :
Total budget : 5600 €

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