Youth Development Center

Location : The program is set up in the Payatas garbage dumb, in Quezon City, a poor conurbation with over 200 000 inhabitants, 80% of them living out of little jobs (ragmen, iron workers, door-to-door sales persons, salesmen, workers).

The situation : Most Payatas inhabitants earn their living selling material taken out of the garbage. The children also work in the garbage dumb to help the families and do not go to school. Many of them lost faith and fell into alcoholism and drug addiction. Fondacio-Philippines has been working with underprivileged people from Payatas for 12 years. In 2001, the local church asked Fondacio-Philippines to organize trainings and human and spiritual development activities for youth of the community who do not go to church anymore.

In 2006, 3 French volunteers realized a survey that showed that there was a real need in education for young people of Payatas. To answer this need, the activities of the Youth Development Center have been launched in 2007, offering schooling for Payatas youth, with English and computer classes, and also training to Human and Christian values. At the beginning, the project offered short 3-months programs, extended to 6 months in 2008. The structure is in a constant evolution and a new program should open soon, developed with local institutions.

Aims :
• Give formation to the underprivileged youth that will give them a professional qualification and look for jobs later.
• Reinforce volunteers’ capacities to improve the program and the quality of their service.
• Provide sharing and formation sessions on the human and spiritual levels to enable young people and volunteers to develop a better self-esteem and vision of life.

Actors of the project :
Fondacio-Philippines (Christians for the World)
Person in charge : Julito Garces
Tél : 00 632 922 98 34
E-mail :

Prospects :
Sign a collaboration agreement (Memorandum of Agreement) with the partners of the project (Parish Program of Non-Formal Education et Vincentian Missionary Development Foundation), give a training to the assistant of the project to allow them to teach computer science and english in the YDC, increase the duration of the training courses to have sessions twice a year, extend the local and international volunteers circle, strengthen the capacities and introduce the values of Fondacio to the volunteers, create presentation tools for the YDC, documentation and creation of a class programme and manuals for the english lessons, I.T. and human values.

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