Equal opportunities

Location : Sibiu, Romania

The situation : After several years working with young orphans from 12 to 16 years old who were living in the “Orlat” care center close to Sibiu, the project “Youth for youth” was set up. It offered to some young women from 16 to 18 to live in a shelter with a family spirit, to help them become independent and get some autonomy. Starting in 2009, the needs have evolved and gave birth to the program “Equal opportunities”. It developed significantly through a partnership with the orthodox Metropolitanate and the European Union. This program set up a day for the young people who are leaving or have already left the orphanages : advices, help for their career,…

The aims : Help young people in crisis situations through social support, helping them get independent and reinsert into society.

The project : Reinsertion of young people living social exclusion, with dysfunctional families or suffering from alcohol and drug addiction with activities addressing health, spirituality, group behavior, life rules, etc.

The project was realized in close cooperation with the Sibiu Protection of the Rights of the Child administration. It was started in the frame of a partnership with the European Union, in order to close big centers and open small family units. The 3-years contract is now over and the project is now looking for other financing means and partnerships.

The project is now divided into 2 programmes :

Beneficiary population : 150 young people in major difficulty benefited from the project, and are being followed until they get fully reinserted into society.

Actors of the project :
Instigator :A.O.L.N. Asociatia Ortodoxa pentru o Lume Noua (Orthodox Association for a New World - Fondacio)
Responsable : Alexandru BARNA

Contact :
Adress :Strada Mitropoliei, nr. 20, Sibiu 550179 Romania
Tel : 00 40 269 23 48 49 ; 00 40 724 075 758
Email : aoln@aoln.ro
Website :www.aoln.ro (in Romania)

2013 Budget : 13 000 €
4 salaried staff