Location : Kinshasa, capital of DRC

The situation : Some 25 000 children live in Kinshasa ‘s streets, a situation that can be explained with two facts. On the one hand, lots of orphans (often coming from the North of the country) have escaped war to reach the capital, looking for food and help, and ended up in the streets. On the other hand, some abused children, coming from blended families and/or seen as “child witches” are ordered out of the home and also end up in the street. These children are mainly between 4 and 12 years old. The project OSSEA consists in allowing street children to regain self-confidence, to restructure and get schooling until they turn 18. Their basic needs are catered for by the families they are welcomed in. The founder and responsible of the project, Jean Bosco, also welcomes 2 children in his own family, takes charge of them and fully finances their schooling. He recently ended and validated a professional training as an educator, and inserted the project in the network of the Society for Assistance to street children.

The aims :
- Reintegrate 50 abandoned children into their family and society.
- Fight against delinquency, wandering in Kinshasa while ensuring their schooling and daily life.
- Educate and train these children so that they can become responsible adults.
Ossea wants to provide schooling for some 20 children and reinsert a dozen in their family or in foster families, strengthening trust and dialog between them all.

The activities :
- Social street work, school visits, foster family visits
- Leisure activities (football,…)
- Cultural activities in the 12-14 club : theatre, sketches, poetry, International Child day. A team of 4 animates the club together with Jean Bosco.
- Corn and manioc cultures to support foster families.

The beneficiaries :
In 2010-2011, 22 children were brought to school (14 in primary school and 8 in secondary school), with 95% succeeding in getting to the higher level at the end of the year.
In 2011-2012, 30 children were taken care of.

The actors of the project
- Promoter: Fondacio-RDC
- Person in charge : Jean Bosco MBALABASA –
31 Selembao street, district of Selembao, Kinshasa, DRC.
Tel : (00 243) 99 90 69 35 47
Email : jeanbosco99@yahoo.fr

Figures :
2012 Budget : 6 000 € ( Should also be taken into account : works, clothing, medical care, school supplies)
2013 Budget : 8 000 €
Financing needed for April 2013 : 6 000 €

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