Le Jade Pour la vie (Jade for Life)

Location : Lomé (Capital of Togo) and its suburbs.

Person in charge: M.AHADIDJITSE Koffi Nunyuiaké, named Joël.

The situation : In Togo, the AIDS prevalence rate was over 3.2% in 2011 for approximately 5 million inhabitants. Due to the fact that this district is situated near the border with Ghana, it shows high migration rates, and it is subject to sex trade and all forms of social delinquency. To face this situation, “Le Jade pour la Vie” set up activities that are part of the global strategy to fight the pandemic of the region.

10000 children from 4 to 10 years old currently live with HIV. The children whose families are affected by AIDS go through very tough times: they face discrimination and stigma from the community, have difficulties to find a proper place to live, financial, food, dressing and school difficulties, and therefore a full and integrated support. Moreover, the children need a specific support in order to help them develop in a harmonious manner and achieve their potential.

The project : In the frame of its actions to answer the HIV/AIDS issues, « Le Jade pour le Vie » launched a socio-medical center in September 2002, in order to bring help and support to people living with AIDS. This program helps them and their families to find a new hope and face discrimination.

Aims : Participate in improving the medical and psychosocial care of people living with HIV / AIDS and their families, as well as in preventing HIV infection.

Population bénéficiaire : People concerned by AIDS without distinction of age, every people in a precarious situation: widows, divorcees, young people and teenagers, children who are often helpless in front of the extreme poverty of their families.

Figures :
Number of volunteers sent over the past 3 years : 3
Total budget : 80 000€
Financing needed : 40 000€

Contact :
Tel : 00228 234 37 28 / 0681901/ 907 54 58
E-mail : lejadepourlavie@yahoo.fr

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