Village Health Center "The Good Samaritan"

Location : Koubou village, 18 kms from Parakou, Benin’s 3rd biggest town

The situation: Climate, lack of hygiene and poverty produce a high mortality rate. Access to health care is reduced because it remains too expensive for many people and far from the village.

The project : Facing poverty, starvation, lack of water and limited salubrious conditions, all this having direct effects on everyone’s health. In 1998, local authorities of Koubou, helped by Alexis Kadani, Fondacio responsible in Benin, joined forces to raise awareness amongst villagers and and train some of them to first aid in order to be able to prescribe basic medicines such as paracetamol, nivaquine, etc. The village health center that was first open provided medical care wasn’t enough adapted to the illnesses and the first aid staff didn’t have enough skills.

The opening of a health center to reinforce sanitary development dynamic started in the villages of Koubou and its area which was proved to be necessary. This center works with a nurse and nursing auxiliaries offering in particular the possibility of faster and more effective treatments by injections, safer childbirth, etc.

The aims : Reduce the mortality rate, especially at birth. Ease the access to healthcare for the very poor and provide adapted and quality pharmaceutical products to the population of the village of Koubou and its area (currently treatments by injections can not be delivered in the village).
Increase the prevention policy, in particular in the nutrition area.
Give a sense of responsibility to the population and strengthen solidarity.
Thanks to the better health of the workers, facilitate the economic development of the region.

The beneficiaries : Local population (1 500 inhabitants) in particular women (53%) and children.

Prospects : We are building a dental clinic to allow the volunteers to work in better conditions in order to treat for free people of the districts of Tchaourou, Parakou and its area. After the dentist’s surgery, we plan to build a water tower to get rid of hydric diseases and contagion risks between the different beneficiaries and service providers of the center. That is why a water tower is going to be built next to the well which is fitted with a water pump to redistribute the water through a piping system.

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