« La Miséricorde » (Mercy)

Location : Dangbo village situated 15 kms from Porto-Novo.

The situation : Dangbo does not have any professional training structure and the urban structures are not accessible for the youth. Lots of children of the village drop out school once they are finished with grade 5 or 6, and mainly girls, due to the local way of thinking that is not willing to give them any education, considering it as a waste of money. These drop-out children then have nothing to do, encouraging insecurity and stealing. Doing nothing or living from little jobs, the youth have little faith in their future and their families do not imagine any possible social advancement. The Pre-school was created in 2005. It works very well, with a positive impact on the students, leading them to keep on studying. The quality of the provided education has an strong influence on the number of pupils attending the school from one year to another, so that the school will need to be extended within a few years. Moreover, the primary school students that attended pre-school become top movers.

The aims : Offer projects helping the village to develop and giving hope to the youth through 3 projects : a pre-school, a professional training center and a research and documentation center. The youth going to school have some future opportunities available in the region. They can insert in the local economy, reducing rural exodus and early motherhoods.
Moreover, the youth have lived in a modern center will not be satisfied anymore with their precarious lifestyle, and will be willing to improve it. This will help develop the socio-economical development of the region.

The beneficiaries : Last year, 64 students were attending pre-school. 36 persons have learned how to use a computer, and 6 have had classes in the professional training center. The library is also much more popular.

Prospects :
- Turn the former building of the pre-school into a literacy room, an office and a shelter for the youth who come and instruction in the professional training center, open in 2010 and offering 3 workshops : sewing, hairdressing and crafts (weaving, pearls making, etc).
- Improve the research and training center (library and computer center), located in the building of the training center, by construction a straw hut in order to be able to welcome more readers.