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Location :

San Isidro, San Luis District, suburbs of Bogotá.

The situation :
With the work being done with those benefiting from the project « Como pez en el agua », Fondacio Colombia could notice that teenagers would not fit in the offered activities, and would be left alone, with no interesting activity for their free time.

They end up in the street, risking to plunge into drugs and youth crime. Fondacio understood the need to prevent this risk. The project OASIS was born on September 2010, to offer a place to welcome teenagers during their free time. Now, it also welcomes their mother and grand-mothers, involved in their education.

The aims :
OASIS want to reach two major aims. One is to offer major alternatives for free time that the youth spend in the street in order to reduce the risks of violence. The other one is to give them opportunities to get out of poverty. In order to reach these objectives, the animation team encourages peaceful ways to solve conflicts for youth and their families and a positive way to deal with relationships. The Personal development groups offered help them strengthen their self-esteem and to help them build a life project and later help them to get a proper job.
OASIS offers the youth to follow artistic (“En Rumbate” : Acrobatic salsa) and sports activities (“Ponte en Pie” : stilts), personal development workshops, homework courses as well as an accompanying program towards a first job. To be further involved in the district’s development, OASIS set up a discussion and sharing workshop for the mothers of these young people (“Savia”). OASIS also develops economic insertion workshops with the help of entrepreneurs who welcome these young people for gratifying and formative internships in their companies.

The beneficiary population :
The project benefits to 445 people :
- 30 pre-teenagers (10-13 years old)
- 380 teenagers (14-17 years old)
- 35 mothers
Some 1 850 persons also indirectly benefit from the project : people from the children families, and those from the schools they study in, and young people and teachers from a Bogota high school that chose to be involved with Oasis to help the youth from the area.

Actors of the project

Fondacio Colombie – Person in charge in this country : Alejandro Botía.
Person in charge of the project : Gustavo Adolfo López
Tél. : + 57 300 8206273
Skype : gustavoadolfo.lopez
E-mail : gustavoadolfo.lopez@gmail.com

Prospects :
On the long-term, OASIS wishes to :
- Help develop San Isidro’s local community.
- Open up to new beneficiaries.
- Also help the children’ families and strengthen the family unit of these young people.
- Help these young people have a life project, so that they can learn a job and get a proper one

Today, our aim is to keep working with young mothers and the youth : we can already see that our work is bearing fruits. We also want to launch sessions for couples (children’ parents). OASIS team also started to get involved in the animation of the week-end “Explorando la vida” for youth

The year 2012 will be marked by the pursuit of the former efforts : keep going on the activities for the youth and the mothers, which we already have great results. Launch the sessions for the parents and the couples. The OASIS team has also started to get involved in the entertainment of the weekends « Explorando la vida » for young people linked with the Jesuit College Fe y Alegria. Another great adventure for 2012 !

Figures :
Number of volunteers : 10
2013 budget : 40 000 €
Financing needed : 10 000 €

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