Ivory Coast

The community started to set up in Bouaké in 2001 (center of the country).

Because of the war, the activities of the community stopped for a while but started again in 2005-2006.
In Ivory Coast, Fondacio is present in Bouaké and Abidjan.

The team

Fondacio Ivory Coast is not autonomous yet. It does have a country council or a pastoral assembly, but a pastoral team coordinates the activities.

Christophe Kouamé Ipou is the Head of Fondacio Ivory Coast.

The members of the pastoral team are :
Yao Pacôme Kouassi, Ouattara Cewerdjou, Adèle Ipou, Natacha Sombo, Jean Pierre Krah, Angenor Kodo.

Main activities

In Ivory Coast, the activities are mainly focused on youth but the community tries to develop activities for couples and families too. There is also a development and solidarity project, Atchorrotch Bouaké centre, a sewing training centre for young drop-out girls.

Get in touch with Fondacio Ivory Coast

Phone number : 31 63 32 27/ 07 25 45 99
E-mail: fondacio_cotedivoire@yahoo.fr