Burkina Faso

Fondacio Burkina Faso has been settled in 3 major cities : Fada, Ouagadougou and Léo since 1986 thanks to
Bishop Jean Marie Untaani COMPAORE, former bishop of Fada, and Archbishop emeritus of Ouagadougou.

The team

Dieudonné TANCOANO is the Head of Fondacio Burkina Faso, with Council members being : Jean-Marie Diabouga, Emmanuel T. Nignant, François-Xavier Nikiema, Daniel Yaméogo, Hyacinthe Lompo and Adrien Benon

Main activities

Fondacio Burkina Faso acts towards the youth, couples and families, seniors and elders as well as people in need. Each year, a pastoral assembly is organized to review the different missions.

Get in touch with Fondacio Burkina Faso

BP : 148 FadaN’Gourma
E-Mail : fondacioburkina@yahoo.fr
E-Mail : tancoano@yahoo.fr
Tel : +226 70325041
+226 40777019