Fondacio has been settled in Togo since 1988. In Togo, there are communities in 3 regions: Tsévié, Kpalimé et Lomé.

The team

Gabriel Amouzou is the Head of Fondacio Togo. The other members of the Council are Emmanuel Amegblé, Jean-Marie Womas, Eulalie Dogbey, Josiane Amouzou, Richard Adekambi, Emile Hope.

Main activities

-* Pastoral activities and mission axes :
There are community groups in each region as well as teenager groups (12 to 17), young adults and a « Couples and Families » group.

-* Development and solidarity axes :

To get in touch with Fondacio Togo

117, rue des Siroccos, Hountigomé
01 BP 3353 Lomé 01
Phone number : (00228) 22 61 02 85
E-mail :