In May 2008, a Fondacio Africa coordination team stayed in Cameroon, in Meyos Lourdes Parish at Akonolinga precisely, for a pastoral mission. The main purpose of this mission was to establish and develop the core of the community, which was launched on May 25, 2008.

The team

Fondacio Cameroon has no country council or pastoral assembly, but a pastoral team coordinates its activities. Christian Roger OBama is the Head of Fondacio Cameroun.

Main activities

Two missionnary axes were started : Couples and Families, and Youth.

For 4 years, Fondacio Cameroun has set up an annual evangelization time, directed to Christian youth and named Christian Youth Week (SemJeC).
In addition to the company « Souns and Light » set up for the Christian Youth Week, a Fondacio choir was born in Lourdes Parish this year. A football team for the community was also born last year.

To get in touch with Fondacio Cameroon

E-mail : Christian Obama :