Democratic Republic of Congo

Fondacio has been settled in two diocesies in RDC for more than 10 years, and starts in Lubumbashi.
In Kinshasa, Fondacio is in two parishes ; “Saint Sauveur” in Selembao and “Coeur Immaculé” in Masina.
In Idiofa, a city located 670 kms from Kinshasa, in the most populated area of the country, with 5 million inhabitants.

The team

For 3 years, 4 permanents have been coordinatins the activities of Fondacio in the country.
Francquis Waya Waya Lukur is the Head of Fondacio RDC, assisted by Jean Bosco Mbalabasa.

Main activities of the community

The will to answer the need of today’s world led Fondacio’s people in RDC to develop various actions :

** OSSEA : Social Project helping abandoned children
Started in 2006 by Jean Bosco Mbalabassa in Kinshasa, this project first aimed at helping Street kids from his district. This project is supported by “Christ Sauveur” Parish. It spots the kids, looks for families that could welcome them, offers school follow-up and tries, when possible, to revive the link with their original family. Today, 30 kids are being cared of 20 families. OSSEA is supported by the Support Committee to Social Street work of Kinshas.
** Income generating activities
Some small projects have been set up for jobless people and also to provide income to the community : 2 swine farms (in Idiofa and Kinshasa), 1 mill in Idiofa, 1 chair renting business and a generator in Kinshasa as well as the exploitation of several community fields.

These activities have been set up after contributions of the different Fondacio groups and allow several people to get trained to be able to manage a small business, to produce an income and financing for the community. These activities have been working for more than a year and are meant to develop.

To get in touch with Fondacio RDC

*Av. Kabambare n°3788, Quartier Ndolo, Procure St Eloi
Commune de Barumbu, ville Province de Kinshasa/ RDC.
*Paroisse St Kizito Diocèse d’Idiofa B.P. 8251 KINSHASA I / RDC
* Av. Ndelo, N° 107 Q. Sans Fil / Masina / Kinshasa/ RDC.

Phone number : (00243)998 120 746

Email :
Email :