The orthodox community

The « Orthodox Association for a New World » (name of the orthodox Fondacio association) was funded in 2001. Its headquarters are located in the Theology faculty “Andrei Saguna” in Sibiu.

The team :

Alexandru Barna is president of the association and head of Fondacio Romania.
Father Vasile Grăjdian is Honorary President.
Nicușor Golișteanu is vice-president and Head of Finances and fundraising, Georgeta Barna Had of Projects in Bucarest,
Elena Simion head of Pastoral projects for teenagers in Bucarest, Alin Anitas Heas of Sibiu’s headquarters and of Pastoral Projects for Teenagers in Sibiu.

Main activities of the community :

Contact :

L’Association Orthodoxe pour un Nouveau Monde
Strada Mitropoliei, nr. 20
(Facultatea de Teologie„Andrei Şaguna”, camera 6).
Sibiu 550179
Phone number 0374.02.92.00/0748.03.22.17