Fondacio Philippines was born in 1982. The community started as a formation community for young professionals. A number of French missionaries came to help at the beginning.
The last ones (Michael and Agnès Smith) left in 1997. After they left, Fondacio has been led by 100% filipino pastoral team. With the development of the community, the couples and families and young adults axes have been set up.
Fondacio Philippines is now set up in Quezon City and Davao City (South of Manilles on Mindanao island, where IFFAsia is).

The team

Maricar Ocdol is the Head of Fondacio Philippines with Baby Ramirez who assists her. Doly Santos is also part of the team (Country Council).

Main activities of the community

The members of the community meet up in community sharing groups and also work with friends and colleagues.

Fondacio Philippines is a member of:
•The Catholic Association of Lay Missionnaries, started by the PontificalMissionaries Societies, and under the ecclesiastical authority on missions of the Filipino conference of Catholic bishops.
•Of the archbishopric’s council for the integrated movements and the lay apostolate of Davao’s Archdiocese.
•Of the Catholic Communities Federation of Metro Manila..

In 1995, Fondacio Philippines launched some solidarity programs in Payatas, a poor urban community located in Quezon City.
The Health Development Program helped mothers become volunteer medical assistants able to give basic health care to people of the region, in the absence of doctors.
A clinic was also open to support the project. A group of volunteer mothers is now autonomous, and got structured as an association, with its own financing, in order to be sustainable.
The Youth Development Center (YDC), also located in Payatas, was created in 2007. It is a developement project aimed at giving knowledge and know-how to drop-outs to reinforce their ability to find a job or get back on a more regular education track.

To get in touch with Fondacio Philippines

Radio Veritas Asia Compound,
Buick Street, Fairview,
1118 Quezon City, Philippines
Phone number: +63 2 4314080
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