Fondacio Guinea is settled in Conakry, Faranah, Kankan and N’Zérékoré. Fondacio Guinea is still a country that is emerging. The community has no country council or pastoral assembly yet. A pastoral team, supported by Fondacio Central Africa team, coordinates the activities.

The team

Vedely Jean Valentin Haba has been the Head of Fondacio Guinea since September 2009 (he was trained at IFFAfrica.

Main activities

In Kankan
Since 2001, the community in Kankan works on 2 mission axes : Couples and Families and Youth.

In N’Zérékoré
A youth forum « Dare life to build hope » was held in 2012 and was a major success. This forum has been followed by a training session for 12 youth responsibles of N’Zérékoré and other community groups of the country having followed the forum.

Income generating activities :
A poultry farming project is being started to give the community some income.

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Fondacio Guinée
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Tel : +224 68 43 82 58/ 65 95 24 23