Become permanent

Become permanent

Fondacio encourages the co-responsibility of the baptized in the Church

and promotes new ways of being at the service of its mission.

When we become attached to Christ and his people, "new avenues emerge, new paths of creativity are opened, with different forms of expression, more eloquent signs and words, with a new meaning for today's world" writes Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel (§ 11).

It was in such creativity that permanence appeared, in the mid-1980s, as a way of devoting one's professional, human and spiritual life to the service of Fondacio's missions


The sponsor pays his donations to the association for the time he wants



Fondacio ensures the permanent remuneration and social security



The permanent associates his sponsors to its mission by regular new people

Such a choice implies a period of "approach" and various renunciations - in terms of salary, social "success" and security. Beyond these renunciations, there is the choice of a sober life centered on the Essential.

The love of God and of Men, the desire to radiate a spirituality of friendship based on the Gospel, the certainty of a life full of meaning for oneself and for others.

To be permanent also means, in this spirit, to choose to trust Providence by associating and animating a network of donors (sponsors) linked to such a commitment, by financial support to Fondacio, but also by prayer or friendship. A deep relationship is thus established between a permanent employee and a sponsor.

The sponsored permanence is an essential element of Fondacio's development and sustainability. It is a unique adventure that has proven its worth over the past 45 years and now has more than 1000 regular donators!

Four characteristics of permanence

To take the means to follow Christ on a vocational journey with others. This means, in particular, deepening spirituality and forming oneself for apostolic service and professional commitment with Fondacio.  

To live the mission in the inspiration of the Gospel and to witness through a way of life that reflects simplicity and service, joy and fraternity in commitment. The community dimension of team life and mission is at the heart of the life of the permanent.

To discern the work of the Spirit in the heart of the world and the Church. To interpret the signs of the times, as highlighted by the Second Vatican Council, is to perceive God's action in human history in order to collaborate and bear witness to the hope that animates us. This is why each permanent is in contact with the current events of the Church and the world through heart, thought and action.

To associate to its mission a network of sponsors who support through their prayer, friendship, and financially Fondacio. Each permanent person is an employee of Fondacio. Fondacio lives mainly on donations, the salary and expenses related to the mission of the permanent staff come from the "sponsors". These sponsors therefore undertake to pay regularly the amount of their choice, at a pace that suits them (monthly, quarterly, etc.). They are of course free to change or stop their payments at any time.