Ange celebrated the Day of the African Child !

The NGO ANGE in partnership with the commune of Yoto 2 celebrated the Day of the African Child, on Thursday, July 08, 2021 at the town hall of Ahépé in the presence of the Mayor of the Yoto Commune, Mrs. Yawavi ADZRA-AZIADEKEY. This celebration was marked by an awareness campaign based on the theme "Phenomena of street children in Togo: causes and consequences".

For ANGE, it was an opportunity to make people understand the phenomenon of street children in Togo and to raise collective awareness.

According to the field experience of the street educators, more and more children from rural areas end up on the streets of the Togolese capital. Faced with this phenomenon, the authorities of the commune of Yoto 2 are committed to eradicating this scourge by raising awareness among all actors, including children.

City councilors, students, teachers, community leaders and the population were sensitized on this issue, which is dear to the
of the NGO ANGE.

Starting from the causes of the phenomenon of street children in Togo, which are, among others, parental neglect, precariousness, abuse, and juvenile delinquency, the facilitators insisted on the consequences for the child, the family and society.

The real problems were revealed and concrete solutions were proposed in order to contribute to building a favorable environment that respects the rights of all children. Moreover, this activity was an opportunity for ANGE to advocate for the inclusion of children's rights in communal development strategies and plans.

"The commune was chosen to celebrate this event because it has been observed over the last few years that many of the children who are on the street in Lomé today come from this locality. The strategy of the NGO ANGE today is to sensitize the population at the grassroots level in order to awaken children, parents and community leaders on the subject," said Yves Abassa,street educator at the NGO ANGE.

As a prospect, a synergy of action between the commune of Yoto 2 and ANGE in order to strengthen the support and monitoring of young people in schools.

In 2015, a joint study by UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Action revealed that Togo has more than 6,000 street children, more than half of them in Lomé. Ange works daily with several technical and financial partners. In particular, within the framework of this prevention action, we have received the support of the CAJJED Foundation, Togo Debout vzw, ADEPOMA, GENED TRADING and JAC.

As a reminder, the day of the African child celebrated every June 16, is in memory of the uprising of South African students in Soweto, June 16, 1976 to denounce the poor quality of