Artemisia culture at "Mon Refuge" !

The Mon Refuge shelter and agro-pastoral centre is located in Kpomé, 20 kilometres from Lomé. It serves as a place of accommodation for children in street situations and in conflict with the law who are cared for by the NGO ANGE. The particularity of this centre is the development of income-generating agro-pastoral activities for the care of the children taken in. The aim is twofold: food self-sufficiency and the initiation of young people into agro-pastoral activities.

The centre is also involved in the fight against malaria through the cultivation of artemisia. Initially, this activity makes artemisia tea available to children in the Lomé and Kpomé centres to prevent and cure malaria cases. In addition, it generates income through its sale. Recently, 3 young people from the centre were trained in artemisia production techniques at the Fondacio Training Institute (IFF AFRICA). This has enabled the cultivation of this plant to be boosted by the end of 2020.

Also, the proximity of the SICHEM farm-school contributes enormously to the transfer of skills. Nurseries have been set up on a surface area of 1200 m2 . The total production at the end of 2020 amounts to 168 kg of which 47% is for consumption and 53% for sale. Today, the production of artemisia at Mon Refuge is more than an income-generating activity because it reflects our commitment to help children and young people to develop in all aspects of their lives.

Artemesia at Mon Refuge

Kossi, a young child trained by IFF AFRICA tells us: 

"I have always been interested in artemisia culture.
Now that my capacities are strengthened and I am helping with the production at the centre, I am even happier.
Thanks to our efforts, malaria cases are becoming rare at the Mon Refuge centre. "