Chile : Saying goodbye to our volunteers

As usual these days, it has been the turn of a group of French volunteers who are finishing their periods of work in Chile after years of service in different programs and areas of Fondacio. However, the group that is leaving these days is not just any group.

Despite having been in lockdown for several months away from their homes and families, they knew how to put their call to volunteerism first and kept an optimistic and positive outlook in the face of the new scenario of pandemic and confinement.

Without a doubt, Fondacio is particularly grateful to Antonin Colme for his participation in the UHMD programme and communications area; and to Francois Calonge for his active participation in the Los Almendros Library programme.  Thank you to both our volunteers !

In the face of confinement, both our volunteers, Antonin and Francois were able to adapt with generosity and good humour and take advantage of the time and resources available to collaborate in different ways and in areas of Fondacio where remote work allowed. It was necessary to make use of new skills and unknown capacities that emerged over the days - a real discovery!

There is no doubt that this experience of being volunteers during a period of global pandemic will leave a deep mark on their lives and on the development of their professions that will allow them to deploy as individuals to become the best versions of each other.