Conference : Welcoming our vulnerabilities in the workplace

Conference: Welcoming our vulnerabilities in the workplace: a path of inner and collective transformation on April 6, 2021 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

This online conference organized on April 6 in partnership with Forum 104 is an opportunity to highlight the conditioning of our society that calls us to be efficient, effective and especially to question ourselves on the place to perhaps give back to vulnerability. Wouldn't our personal and collective vulnerabilities, accepted, expressed, shared, welcomed with kindness, allow us to humanize ourselves?

Forum 104 and Fondacio invite you to participate in an online conference on the theme: "Welcoming our vulnerabilities in the workplace: a path of inner and collective transformation".

In this period of global crisis that challenges all our certainties, as a leader:

  • What are the supposed benefits and risks of welcoming and expressing my own vulnerabilities and those of others?
  • To what extent does my assumed vulnerability allow me to become more authentic with myself and more connected with others?

During this evening, we will discover how embracing our vulnerabilities allows us to become more resilient, meaningful, and better contributors to serving the Common Good.

The two speakers for the evening:

  • Marianne de Boisredon


Head of the Fondacio association in France

Marianne de Boisredon, Belgian, economist, worked at the IRES Institute for Economic Research at the Service Conjoncture in Belgium. She then participated in the creation of a bank for the poor in Chile for 5 years. Back in France, she taught economics at the Centre Madeleine Daniélou. She then lived in Japan and China, taking on responsibilities in the association of Franco-Japanese friendships and in Fondacio at the International Council.

She is the author of the book: "Inventing a Yin and Yang economy, testimony of a woman in the field for a fairer world" published by Editions de la Renaissance.

She is responsible for Fondacio France since 2017.

  • Frédéric Van Heems


Managing Director of Water France at Veolia

A graduate of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (1987), Frédéric Van Heems, 56, began his career in 1986 at Le Figaro, before joining Nouvelles Messageries de la Presse Parisienne (NMPP) in 1994 and Hachette Distribution Services in 1997, in Paris and then in Budapest as head of Lapker. In 2002, he joined Areva, where he was Director of the uranium enrichment program, then Director of the Nuclear Measures Business Unit and Chairman and CEO of Canberra, based in New York. In 2009 and 2010, he was CEO of the Cegelec group, before creating his own consulting company and managing Alstom Power Automation & Control. Frédéric Van Heems joined Veolia in 2014 as CEO of its subsidiary Siram in Italy.

He was appointed Managing Director Water France of Veolia on December 31, 2016.

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