Discovering L'Ermitage in Versailles France

L'Ermitage : Since 1999, Fondacio has been based here, to promote spirituality but above all formation, resourcefulness and mutual aid. A whole range of proposals to commit oneself, to set out on a journey, in the footsteps of the integral ecology advocated by "Laudato Si", Pope Francis' encyclical.

History of L'Ermitage

L'Ermitage of Madame de Pompadour.
The L'Ermitage House, located in the heart of the city of Versailles, was built in 1746. King Louis XV asked to detach six hectares from the park of the Palace of Versailles to build a hunting lodge, which he offered to Madame de Pompadour. Delighted to retire from the life of the court, she nicknamed it "her little gem" or her "Hermitage".

A "Laudato Si' " Center

"Everything is linked, and the genuine protection of our own life and our relationship with nature is inseparable.
of fraternity, justice and fidelity to others".

 Art. 70 of the Encyclical Laudato Si', Pope Francis.

On this site, Fondacio France  seeks to live this ecological coherence where social justice, personal and spiritual development and the relationship between man and nature are thought out together. Formations, projects, spiritual life and partnerships are deployed to allow each person to taste and deepen their relationship with themselves, with others, with nature and with God.

Live Fraternal Links

"All creatures are related, and all of us as beings need each other. ».
 Laudato Si', art 42, Pope Francis.

A long tradition of hospitality for this house: even before Fondacio's arrival on this site in 1999, Les Soeurs Auxiliaires  were already welcoming various groups, family celebrations and marginalised people.

In this same dynamic, we continue to welcome groups from various horizons, whether professional, associative, family or social. The choice to set up an accommodation centre (C.H.R.S.) in the very heart of the house, in its centre is a concrete sign that we can surround, cherish, give a place of choice to those who have been heckled for a while in their life course, sometimes rejected.

In addition to the support provided by a qualified team of professionals, a whole network of fraternity is offered through regular meetings to forge links with others: Thursday activities, fraternal Sundays and also times of resourcing, holidays and renewal are offered.

Fraternal life is one of the most beautiful gifts we have received. Fondacio animates more than 25 sharing groups in the Ile-de-France region which meet once a month. These sharing groups are places for re-reading. They allow us to receive our life as a gift, to catalyse our energies for the future.

The connection with others is also played out in the team commitment to numerous projects. There is so much joy in giving oneself to others to build a more humane and just world!

It is also through meetings at the coffee machine or during a meal that new projects are born! A real fraternity exists between employees, volunteers and Fondacio volunteers. Some people passing through thank us for the kind welcome and the contagious peace they have received!

Getting Closer to Nature

"The inhabitants of this planet are not meant to live without physical contact with nature. ».
 Laudato Si', art 44, Pope Francis.

For years, in partnership with the neighbouring parish, a team of volunteers (Gardening and Spirituality) has been coming once a month to recharge their batteries and take care of the park.

On the site, a henhouse encourages waste management while promoting the joy of living.

In partnership with the association les colibris de Versailles, our neighbourhood neighbours can come and deposit their compost in our park or garden a plot of land. A way to share simple joys, to cultivate the wonder of nature! In this way, we support several of the objectives pursued by the Colibris: to concretely implement waste reduction solutions and promote biodiversity in a spirit of conviviality and mutual aid.

Young people from a local IME (Institut Médico-Educatif) and their educators enjoy gardening in our park.

The project to transform part of the site into a market gardening area and thus provide our catering service with vegetables from the garden while working on the integration of migrants is progressing.

Between respect for nature and social justice, we are also concerned about the consumer choices to be made to build a more humane and fairer world. L'Ermitage houses the association's storage premises on its site, the Comptoir du Potager. Through this partnership, we wish to promote and support modes of consumption that are more respectful of producers and our planet. We share the values defended by this association: a way of life and thinking where the notion of sustainability prevails over that of productivity, where attachment to the land, conviviality and solidarity are shared values. A weekly distribution is provided at the L'Ermitage. Thanks to a solidarity contribution from customers of the Comptoir du Potager, our social structures benefit each week from a solidarity basket of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Commercial partnerships have also been set up to recover unsold items and thus enable the public to benefit from our solidarity activities.

Connecting with Oneself

"The immense technological progress has not been accompanied by the development of human beings in terms of responsibilities, values and awareness. ».
Laudato Si', art. 105, Pope Francis.

The framework itself invites to inner peace and all of Fondacio's pedagogy, rooted in the Christian tradition, invites everyone to an interior life favouring the emergence of our own vocation, the deployment of the best of ourselves, to give ourselves to the world.

For this, we favour spaces and times of prayer open to all. Each meeting begins by taking each person's inner weather. In order to encourage this inner life, Fondacio has developed a whole team of people trained to listen. Spiritual guides will know how to be attentive to each person in order to embrace all the dimensions of our lives, in the light of God. "These times when I am listened to are an undeniable support that brings clarity and strength to my life". Several therapists also receive within our walls, for individual or couple interviews.

Tasting the Presence of God

"In every creature dwells his life-giving Spirit who calls us to a relationship with him. ».
 Laudato Si', art 88, Pope Francis.

We believe that the treasure that God has shared with us is relationship: relationship to Him, to ourselves, to others, to all creation. We deploy several ways of connecting with God :

  • Spaces for silence, because "silence is the cradle of God" (Maurice Zundel).
  • Spaces for prayer in community, which are open to all: our faith and our spiritual life are strengthened by this community life.
  • Spaces for deepening and living the Bible (in workshops, during the day, on a journey) as well as spiritual retreats.

It is also the spiritual accompaniment to learn to see that God does not come to us elsewhere than in the reality of our lives.

"Christian spirituality proposes growth through sobriety. One can live intensely with little. ».
 Laudato Si', art. 223, Pope Francis.