Ecojogging and Masks in the streets in Togo

Born in Lomé in January 2017, ecojogging is a worldwide eco-citizen movement that consists of running while collecting waste, mainly plastic waste and then recycling it. It allows you to burn calories while jogging and at the same time rid the environment of plastic waste. This idea was born from the journalist Félix TAGBA who is none other than the founding President of the movement. Every Saturday about fifteen Togolese people choose a district of Lomé to rid it of the plastic waste that suffocates it.

The activity called Ecojogging combines jogging and plastic waste collection. The community of Fondacio in Togo takes part in this movement ! While jogging together, participants large and small collect rubbish. In one day, in a good mood, they collect more than 20 kg of plastic waste which is recycled. It's within everyone's reach.


Today Ecojogging has representatives and ambassadors in more than 10 countries around the world and spread over continents such as Africa, Europe and the two Americas.

Since the health crisis linked to COVID-19, Ecojogging has initiated a digital campaign called "Beat Mask Pollution". The aim is to raise awareness about the risk of uncontrolled disposal of single-use scarves in different cities across the country.


"The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of masks for our environment. We have realised that with the coronavirus, more and more people are throwing their masks in the streets instead of throwing them in the dustbin. This has consequences for our environment," explained Felix Azikou Tagba, founder of Ecojogging. (Interview by Mbaindangroa Djekornondé Adelph from togotopnews)

So to participate in awareness raising, you just need to make a one-minute video in which you invite others to stop throwing their masks in the streets. Then post the video on your social networks with the hashtag #BeatMaskPollution. Expected result: zero masks thrown on the streets.

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Photo Credit: Ecojogging

Editor: Sylvain Kalem ASSIRIMI