EcoTips by Reciclo : use of water at home

😷🧼 During this period of mandatory lockdown, we must constantly wash our hands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, your water consumption at home will increase.

💦 Recommendations for the efficient use of water in your home.

✔️ Soap the dishes by turning off the tap and only open the tap for the last rinse.

✔️ Each time you use the washing machine, make sure you use the maximum load of clothes.

✔️ Use a glass and turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

✔️ Check the condition of your taps and hoses for leaks and correct them to avoid wasting water.

✔️ Keep your shower as short as possible and always turn off the faucet while soaping up.

✔️ Use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your car.

✔️ Using the washing machine accounts for 30% of a household's consumption. Reuse water from the washing machine to clean floors and windows.

✔️ Put 1 or 2 full bottles in the toilet tank and you will save 2 to 4 liters each time you use it.

✔️ Hose your lawn and plants in the morning or evening, avoiding times when the evaporation is greatest.

💪🌎 You can also support organizations such as Greenpeace that fight against the misuse of this resource by large companies.

☠️ Did you know that in Chile, mining, industrial agriculture and forest management consume 98% of the country's water resources, leaving thousands of people with 50 liters a day, less than a third of what is used daily in the city?

🗣️ And you, what is your way of preserving water?

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