Environment : Taking care of our heritage !

David: Tomorrow Tuesday is being broadcasted on M6, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's new film, Legacy, notre héritage. 

François: Yes, this heritage is the Earth that carries each one of us. Each generation receives it as a gift for its life and also to pass it on as a gift to the next generations.

This new film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is first and foremost an ode to the beauty of nature and humanity. It is easy to imagine such a hymn when you know the talents of the photographer who, since the early 1970s, with his ecological commitment, has been magnifying the Earth on our screens.

David: What motivates Yann Arthus-Bertrand?

François : Through all his art, he wants to express his love for the Planet, but he also warns against everything that disfigures it because of our destructive impacts. Life on Earth is threatened, the survival of human beings in the short term. We remember the film Home in 2009 where the photographer showed the pressure that humans put on the environment and the negative consequences this has on climate change and other vital processes such as biodiversity. The degradation of the Earth's habitable conditions is a reality. However, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's film did not present itself as a disaster film but as a message of hope because he believes in the tremendous capacity of human beings "to create and help each other".

This message of hope is also reminiscent of the magnificent photographs that accompany the Laudato Si encyclical, joining Pope Francis in the invitation to profoundly change our behaviour and convert our economic and political logics in favour of human beings and the environment.

David: So, what does Yann Arthus-Bertrand's new film add to this?

François: If the photographer is once again involved in this documentary on our heritage, it is because it is not too late to act: "it is now that we must do it" he underlines in GoodPlanet mag' (22 January 2021). But his insistence focuses first on the issue of personal responsibility. He admits how much he tries, as best he can, to manage his contradictions, and this is the case for each of us, I think. In all that we consume for food, transport, housing... "we are faced with our own inconsistencies, and we decide all this of our own free will," he continues. So we all have to be educated on these crucial issues.

David: In this respect, the film Legacy to be seen tomorrow evening on M6 is undoubtedly a good educational tool and a beautiful lesson in life for all of us.