Experience the life of a fraternity with Fondacio! !

It is the beginning of a new school year, what if you experienced a fraternity? Fondacio offers the possibility of participating in a regular sharing group, called a Fraternity. Each group gathers 6 to 8 people who meet once a month or more if they wish. These small entities are formed around centers of interest such as professional life, the couple and the family, the deepening of faith, solidarity, nature... The main thing is to share, to learn to express oneself with authenticity and to walk with others on one's life path.

The organization of a fraternity (or "household") is generally the same for all fraternities: a shared meal, teachings, a time of personal reflection in silence, a time of sharing in a small group, and then a prayer. The evening ends with a more informal time of exchange for those who are able and willing.

What are the benefits of participating in a fraternity? The experience is different for each person. However, what stands out is the joy of reconnecting, and the privileged opportunity that this space represents to settle down, to refocus, to recharge... and to find oneself internally. In short, precious moments of fraternity, of sharing, to take stock of one's life and the new invitations to come! To feel carried in your daily life by this impulse and with Christ.

There is still room to form several frats in the region. Join us!!! Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact a local leader to find out more about the groups in your area.

Testimony of Félicité, young Frat participant in Paris: "The frats are for me a break in a rich and intense Parisian life. A concrete meeting besides mass, with God and others with whom I share this dynamic. It allows me to feel less alone in my daily life as a Christian, it is a real place of spiritual and personal encounter. The time of teaching prepared by others in turn and of sharing are of great richness. The shared meal time is also a central element of this time together. I am single and it is important for me to have this connection to feel solidarity in my faith and create this positive and benevolent emulsion. It keeps us on track and creates moments of conviviality and reflection. This is what we have been seriously missing for more than a year".