Fasting for Climate with Fondacio Togo

Fasting for Climate : Almost two years ago, the Fondacio Togo community, through youth and development and solidarity projects (PDS), organised an ecological race called Ecojogging .

For the first time, these young people took to the streets of Lomé, precisely in the Kégué district.

Starting at the Somayaf petrol station in the said district (both the starting point and the finishing point), the participants in this race had the opportunity to criss-cross the streets of the district by collecting plastic waste.

This ecological race is part of the "Fasting for Climate" initiative; an initiative of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with the aim of challenging citizens and governments on the occasion of COP24 (Poland). (

The aim of this race is to enable participants to keep themselves and our environment clean and healthy, which perfectly meets the objective of the theme of the race.

At the end of the race 10kg of waste was collected (pure water bags and other non-organic degradable bags) which made the participants happy and encouraged them, once the action was over, to ask for it to be continued.

Today Ecojogging has representatives and ambassadors in more than 10 countries around the world and spread over continents such as Africa, Europe and the two Americas.

The activity called Ecojogging combines jogging and plastic waste collection. The community of Fondacio in Togo takes part in this movement ! While jogging together, participants young and old collect rubbish. 

Since the health crisis linked to COVID-19, Ecojogging has initiated a digital campaign called "Beat Mask Pollution". The aim is to raise awareness about the risk of uncontrolled disposal of single-use scarves in different cities across the country.


Editor: Sylvain Kalem ASSIRIMI