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Ange logo

ANGE - friend for a new child géneration. 
Together for for the child rights promotion and protection.


260, Rue de la Joie, 
Tokoin St Jo House N ° 57 
03 BP 31295 Lome - TOGO

(+228) 22 21 25 38 




The "Friends for a New Generation of Children", ANGE  is a French non-profit law association of 1901, which aims to defend and promote the rights and interests of street children and those in conflict with the law.

It was created in 2001, at the initiative of a Councilor of Youth and Socio-Educational Animation, Gabriel Kossi AMOUZOU, its current director. 

It targets street children and those in conflict with the law and has a mission to ensure the recovery, care of these children and work for their socio-professional reintegration. With remarkable professionalism, the team today welcomes over 700 (700) children who are in school or in apprenticeship and fully supported. Recognized by the State, the Forum of Organizations for the Defense of Children's Rights in Togo (FODDET), ANGE with its technical team of about ten professionals works in partnership with the General Directorate of Child Protection (DGPE) in Togo, UNICEF, FONDACIO, PLAN, BICE, Terre des Hommes, ...


has three main objectives:

  1. Contribute to the fight against juvenile delinquency in Lomé; Valuing, training, educating, educating, schooling and reintegrating a large number of street children or children from prison;
  2. Promote and protect the rights of the Togolese child. TO ACHIEVE THIS Identify children through the beach and the juvenile brigade; Welcome through two reception centers, then reintegrate into families;
  3. Act with parents, children, and society through sensitization; Prevent through the sensitization of actors: children, parents, communities.  SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Identify and accommodate a large number of street and prison children;

ANGE Reintegrate 90% of children in their families or foster families, Strengthen the reception capacities of the two centers and Sensitize parents, young people and society to the difficulties related to delinquency and the dangers of the street;

Strengthen the capacity of staff to advocate for and promote the rights of the child. OUR VISION ANGEL dreams of a new generation where all children will be fulfilled, equal and fully enjoy their rights. OUR GOAL Defending and promoting the rights and interests of children by fighting against juvenile delinquency is our goal.


More informations in http://ong-ange.com