First training course on the agroecological production of Artemisia

A first in Togo : The first training course on the agroecological production of artemisia in Dapaong, the capital of the Savannah Region, more than 600 Km from Lomé, in the far north of Togo ! 

Dapaong chief town of the savannah region is more than 600 km from Lome, the extreme north of Togo, now counted among the regions where Artemisia annua and afra grow.

These 2 varieties of Artemisia are making a big leap and a breakthrough in this region of Togo. 

Yes, it is a reality: ARTEMESIA IS NOW GROWING IN THE LAND OF this part of Togo. This is thanks to the first training on the production of Artemisia organised by Fondacio through its Training Institute in Africa IFF Afrique, Sichem/agro-Dr and La Maison de l'Artemisia Togo.

Indeed, this Tuesday 22nd September 2020 marks the second training day of the second phase of the training tour to strengthen the capacity of farmers in different regions of Togo organised by IFF Africa (Training Institute #Fondacio in Africa) in partnership with Sichem/agro-Dr with the support of Fondacio's Africa Programme. 

It was also Artemesia Day. And for the first time in this region of Togo, a training on Artemisia: "A first in Togo because it is the first training on Artemisia organised in our environment here in Dapaong", said a participant, who did not fail to thank the organisers.

More than 32 participants, in particular young people from different localities in the savannah region (Mango, Gando, East and West Naki, Cinkassé and even from Burkina Faso...) were trained in organic farming techniques and in the use of Artemisia afra and annua. 

As a reminder, this training tour falls within the framework of the #PISCCA 2019 project of the French Embassy in Togo and under the theme of SUPPORT FOR THE VOCATIONAL TRAINING OF YOUNG PEOPLE, IN PARTICULAR GIRLS/WOMEN IN AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISE IN TOGO, the launch of this second series of training took place at the Centre de Formation des Métiers Bonita Haus, a vocational training institute.

 agroecological production of artemesia

 agroecological production of artemesia