Fondacio in Belgium NEWS 102

Fondacio in Belgium NEWS 102

What I love, says God, is to light lamps. No static street lights, no, nor spots dazzling, nor bland neon lights. What I like is to light live lamps! And I light every day, all over the world, in men, women, old men, children. 

I light them with such joy, such loving care, delighted with my surprise, and even with a sweet malice…  What I light in them is a light of love, or of peace, a meaning to life, a hope, a greater self-confidence. It's also a burst of creativity, a whiff of compassion, a dash of daring. It's still courage to hold on, inner freedom, a capacity for wonder, trust in my providence, an approach to Jesus, a kind look ... 

and many more things that look like me and give light. I like to light you like living lamps. It often starts small, like a light bulb LED. But little by little, as the days go by, it lights up harder if you let it live. And it's not me who put on the side or put it out! For "no one lights a lamp to hide it or put it under a bed; on the contrary, it is placed on its support so that those who enter see the light. (Luke 11:33) In each of you, I turn on my lamp, the one that looks like me. You want to let her shine? The world needs it!  

Beatrice Hertoghe

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