Fondacio Chile : Closing of the Winter Prayer Workshop

On August 28th, the Prayer Workshop organized by Fondacio's Spirituality and Formation Centre was closed with Fondacio's first online Eucharist.

The Winter Prayer Workshop was divided into four sessions, held on July 17 and 31, and August 14 and 28, respectively.

This last session focused on prayer through the community dimension of the Eucharist. In addition, it was the first time that a mass was held online, with the participation of the Dominican priest Miguel Ángel Ríos, and was broadcast from the interior chapel of the Convent of Santo Domingo el Mayor, in the centre of Santiago.

For this last closing meeting, as on previous occasions, about 30 people attended, who actively participated in the various activities proposed, including a sharing in small groups during the Eucharist, which allowed attendees to verify what they had experienced in the workshop.

Prayer WorkshopPrayer Workshop


Fondacio in Chile since 1980

Fondacio's mission in Chile is to act against the challenges of this time as Christ would do in our place.
The community experience offers spiritual and human growth. In addition, we train the young initiators of continental change ( IFF America ).

Our programs work with children and pre-teens (Biblioteca Los Almendros), disabled (Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapeutico), vulnerable families ( "Un Hogar mas digno", "Jesus Carpintero", "Reciclo", ), people in a street situation ( "Mi Proximo" ) and all people with limited resources.

There is a Children's Ministry (6 to 12 years old), different fraternities open to people of all ages (Santiago Gospel, Oasis, Sticks of Hope, Center, etc.) and several community groups of Seniors (people over 70 years old). Everyone is invited to participate in different community meetings and retreats during the year.

Ignacio Troncoso is responsible for Fondacio Chile, the second responsible is Consuelo Silva. The other members of the Council are: Paula Vargas, Francisco Ríos, Lisette Catarino, Rafael Arcos and Luis de la Vega.