Fondacio Chile : COH at the Telethon

Since August of this year, the Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico (COH) of  Fondacio Chile, is part of the Teletón Chile network. This union will mean a greater scope to make themselves known, since they are part of the Benefits and Services guide, which seeks to disseminate, through a web search engine, all the workshops and programs associated with Teleton.

In the case of COH, they will have the opportunity to spread the registration to their Organic Crops workshop, and thus make known all the work they do.

In addition to this, COH has been working on a new line of labour inclusion, so that more people with different abilities can be part of the world of work. This project is still in development, so we will soon have news about it.

" El Centro Ocupacional de Hortiterapia", as we have previously reported, is constantly carrying out workshops, which in times of quarantine have had to be completely adapted to their public which happens to be at risk. This September they are advancing to the final stage of their annual workshop, which has a certification date scheduled for December 9th.


“I arrived at the Fondacio Horticultural Therapy program guided by the need to share with other people, to reintegrate myself into the rhythm of society. At that time I was going through a deep depression and didn't want to leave my room. One day my mother told me that I was invited to a Horticultural Therapy workshop.

That's when it all began. I was struck by the fact that I saw people with disabilities that were much more complex than mine and yet they attended the workshop much happier than I did. The activities aroused my curiosity: dealing with plants, putting my hands in the ground and getting dirty, learning the qualities of those plants.

Everything was very gratifying to me. In this process, the group prayer was fundamental and made a "click" inside me. At first it was very difficult for me, but finally I opened myself and let out everything I had inside. Today my life is intense and wonderful and I want to live step by step what I started from the earth.”

Adrián Martínez, participant in the program “Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico”.

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COH of Fondacio chile