Fondacio Chile : The common pot experience

Fondacio Chile :  Without a doubt, supporting our neighbors in El Barrero in their common pot initiatives seemed like a good idea from the start. Many informal and casual jobs, in addition to jobs as homeowners' aides and construction workers, were quickly affected just as this period of pandemic crisis began.

Supporting initiatives to "ensure" decent nutrition for households was clearly timely. However the experience to date has exceeded all expectations in every respect.

Fondacio, thanks to the donations received, has been able to increase its contributions to various neighborhood councils. This has not only benefited our neighbors who are going through difficult times. It has also been a tremendous contribution to those who have been able to collaborate, entering the virtuous circle of Solidarity and Fraternal Love.

The first neighborhood meeting with which Fondacio began collaborating in May was Las Araucarias, due to the work of Fondacio's "usual" programs before the quarantine with this neighborhood meeting.