Fondacio Chile : A grain of sand in Las Canteras

On August 25, a new day of the common pot 'Un Granito de Arena' took place. This common pot was formed by several dedicated neighbors and the contribution of Fondacio Chile. They have managed to collect what was necessary to have the rich solidarity lunches ready.

José Esparza, president of the neighborhood council, tells us that this common pot was formed in April, motivated by some participants from Las Canteras. "It was difficult to leave because we had few implements, independent people donated us 2 stoves and 4 funds, we were lucky that a family donated us the proteins, meat and chicken weekly and, together with Fondacio, who gives us fruits and vegetables, we give solidarity lunches", said José.

Un Granito de Arena' makes a special thanks to Claudia Lagos, Ximena Lobos, Patricia Ercilla, Paula Vargas, Loreto Gonzales, Edith Espíndola, María Zapata, Ximena Tiznado, Isabel Grandon, councilors and all the neighbors who humbly contribute to this work.

José concluded by expressing the joy they feel at being able to deliver this help: "We are very happy to give this service to our neighbors in need".