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L’École Primaire Macy Ountaani (EPMO)

 Contributes to improving access to the education system for Burkinabe children in rural areas.

To address the problem of school drop-out, particularly among young girls in rural areas, l’École Primaire Macy Ountaani (EPMO) operates in the very isolated village of Tambiga in Burkina Faso.

Started outdoors in 2002 with about twenty children followed by two young French volunteers in the village, EPMO has over the years, built 4 classrooms to accommodate the students thanks to Fondacio's partners. 

L’École Primaire Macy Ountaani is a private school run by Fondacio in Burkina Faso. It is located in the bush about 25 km south of Fada N'Gourma, in the eastern region of the country. This village includes several hamlets within a radius of about 4 km. School attendance is still struggling to enter into practice: in 2015, the net primary school enrolment rate in the Eastern Region was only 46.4% despite the fact that primary school is free in Burkina Faso. The main reasons for non-attendance or drop-out are lack of financial resources to pay for school supplies and distance from schools. The primary school closest to the village was located in Nagré, 12 km from Tambiga.

This project provides the local population with access to quality education, especially for young girls in rural areas who are less likely to attend school. The populations of this area live mainly from livestock and agriculture and are mostly young: in 2015, in the Eastern region, 61.3% of the population was under 24 years of age, and the median age in rural areas was 14 years of age.

Geographical Location : Tambiga, Eastern region (Burkina Faso)

Promoter : Fondacio Burkina 

Person in charge : Dieudonné TANCOANO

Léo (Burkina Faso)

Tel : (+226) 70 32 50 41

Email :