IFF South America

A training focused on the person

We train young social transformation agents.

The Institute of Formation Fondacio América Latina proposes an intercultural and innovative training in ethical leadership and social project entrepreneurship.

A training designed to enable and empower young people with their conviction to contribute to the social transformation of the continent, from their own communities.

In recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean has undergone many political changes and has developed strongly in a short time. Unfortunately, this development has been very uneven throughout the continent, including Chile. In fact, 102 million people, a total 10.2% of the population, still live in a situation of extreme poverty (ECLAC, January 2019).

To fight against these inequalities and allow Latin American youth to be deeply trained to become actors of social change, is that IFF América, born in 2014 in Santiago de Chile. In this way, IFF America is preparing to fulfill its mission based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Program through objective Nº4 - Quality Education.

The objective of IFF America is to offer to these young people, with a deep social vocation, the training that enables them in the conduct of social projects, based on their own conviction of leadership.

Through this experience, they will be able to actively discern their vocation, acquire the skills, leadership and project management tools, to create in their country of origin projects of high social impact that respond to local needs or to integrate existing social structures. IFF América facilitates a personal knowledge experience that allows each student to assume their life with an attitude of protagonist.

490 hrs program, of courses, workshops

3 months of internship, allows young people to challenge themselves by getting involved with an unknown social reality.


This diploma, certified by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Colombia, is developed on 3 axes of competences: Personal Development, identification and analysis of Social Challenges and the application of management tools and leadership development for Social Innovation. This diploma has two modalities: a PART-TIME modality and the FULL-TIME modality, the latter being the one that has an experience of intercultural coexistence in our student residence during the 9 months of training.

This 490 hrs program, of courses, workshops and 3 months of internship, allows young people to challenge themselves by getting involved with an unknown social reality, entering into relationships with communities and groups where they can lead actions that give life to social projects in order to experience thus his own vocation in a different cultural context.

Whether during training through or after internships, the IFF America Institute acts as a tool to, according to the sensitivity of each participant, contribute to each of the 17 Sustainable Development goals. This human tool has allowed, since 2014, positively radiate +2500 people in some context of vulnerability. In fact, today, our +70 graduates are involved in different ways at a social level, from: entrepreneurship, volunteering or intrapreneurship (where they lead, within a company or a private organization, linking the organization's work with sustainable development). In the testimonies of the alumni, everyone agrees that the training at IFF America was decisive to take root and act against their social commitments.

IFF América has a solid network both academically and socially:

  • Universities such as the Alberto Hurtado University (Chile),
  • the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile),
  • the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Colombia (Colombia),
  • the University of Quintana Roo ( Mexico).
  • At the social level, our allied organizations give us the space for our students to positively impact through their commitment to international social internships in:
  • Cristo Vive Foundation (Peru and Bolivia),
  • Hogar de Cristo (Chile),
  • TECHO (Haiti),
  • SoyDoy (Colombia),
  • TAAP (Colombia),
  • Municipality of Quilicura (Chile),
  • Future for Tennis (Chile),
  • Autribu (Chile),
  • GABIS Foundation (Chile),


among others. Being these last three mentioned, organizations that were founded by some of our alumni.


The team

The team of officials is made up of 6 people:

  • Raúl Troncoso - President

  • Diana Bedoya - Executive Director

  • Julie Marbacher - Executive Director Assistant

  • Lisette Catarino - Spiritual Area Manager

  • Ángela Brito - Operations Coordinator and Academic Coordination

  • Felipe Huerta - Marketing, Communications and Development of the Academic Area



IFF America
Av. El Salto Norte 5625, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile
+562 2620 8454
WhatsApp: +569 5197 5559

Surrender to love, letters, music, pleasure, friends, family, the other, even surrender yourself. You have to give yourself, as if it never hurt.

I dream of positively impacting through self-sustainable projects that transform and facilitate economic, social and environmental development and I think IFF America has been my bridge to reach this dream. »

I was able to train to have the tools I needed to help in sustainable development in my community, in my country, or wherever I am. I also feel that I was able to develop my leadership.

"The transmutation we experienced during this training, both personally and professionally, was incredible."

«I arrived at IFF with many doubts at the beginning, but with the desire to firmly believe. I embarked on a journey that I still do not intend to disembark, since it opened new opportunities and perspectives that only confirmed what makes me vibrate ... It is worth taking a risk and there is always time to launch. »

«This IFF America experience is really indescribable (...) It is a personal and professional process with its difficulties, but the team is always present to help us achieve our goals.»