François Prouteau's wishes for the New Year

François Prouteau wishes you a very happy New Year ! May 2021 be the year of Hope !

David: François, you offer us your wishes for this new year. 

François: Dear RCF listeners, all my best wishes for this new year. As usual, wishes for good health come first, and this wish can be expressed with particular insistence, Covid obliges. We would like 2021 not to make too many waves, nor a third wave, nor more waves at all. We would like to be definitively freed from the shackles, confinement, curfew and masks that have marked 2020. We would like to live again with our faces uncovered. We would like our economic, medical, educational, cultural and other worlds to be free of the barriers, confinement, curfews and masks that have marked 2020. to return to a normal life. We would like to forget all the obstacles, the hardships, the terrible suffering when it endangers life itself. But, beware, the end of the crisis will not be a return to the past, as if nothing had happened. 

David: You mean François that the Covid would be a privileged time to change? 

François: Yes, of course, we can only wish to come out of this crisis as quickly as possible, but to this wish, I immediately add another one: the wish that we come out of this crisis better.

I make this wish from the reading of "Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future", Pope Francis' last book. It is the book that I received as the first of my Christmas gifts. 

And in fact, to help us emerge better from this crisis, Pope Francis uses a good formula that structures the three parts of his book: it is the triptych "see, judge, act", dear to the social thought of the Church. According to the pope, in order to emerge better from this crisis, "we must see clearly, choose well and act correctly". Each page of this book offers a simple and concrete presentation of such a horizon that attracts us and provokes us to change, now. Such a change is both difficult and exhilarating, because it is a call to the radicality of a conversion driven by Goodness and love of neighbour. Together with the Pope, we can be touched by the testimony of all the Good Samaritans who overflow with attention and care in Covid weather.

The crisis is an opportunity to cultivate our relationship with the Creator, with Creation, with our fellow men, with other creatures. As Pope Francis wrote: "Covid is our Noah's time. Let us not spoil it"; "the good news is that an Ark is waiting to lead us towards a new future", "the Ark of the bonds that unite us". 

David: Thank you, Francis, for your good wishes nourished by this meditation from the work of Pope Francis. With Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future, 2021 opens up to hope.