IFF America Internship Experience : Miguel

Miguel Calderón is a young Colombian who completed an enriching internship at the Los Almendros Library, while he was pursuing his diploma at IFF America.

For Miguel it was a challenge not only to work and learn, but also to adapt to a different culture and environment, especially given the times we were beginning to live in. "It was practically a 180º change to be in another country, to interact with a community, to get used to that logic without work friends (due to the pandemic) and within the same space, and then to enter into an environment in harmony... it was quite special," says Miguel.

However, the work in situ at the Library allowed for interaction with the participating children, who were given a closer look at the books. "Also in each month, different topics of social interest were discussed with the children through different recreational activities, such as art, artistic expression through music, reading expression, everything that has to do with this accompaniment and also a bit of awareness with a topic of social interest," Miguel continues.

He also says that, in spite of the confinement by Covid-19, he felt very good thanks to the communication, respect and listening to the other.

Miguel concludes: "It was very enriching and I feel that this contributed from a social, personal and professional point of view for my life from now on. And I keep the best things. I would like to come back and have more experiences.

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