Iff Europe: Overcoming fears and meeting people

One week after the official start of the academic year, the two classes of the D.U OPEN of IFF Europe followed a special day on Friday 18 September, dedicated to the "Meeting of Professionals". A special day under the seal of professional orientation for the students who have joined this D.U to see more clearly in their future choices. Report.

The objective was clear: "to position oneself and question oneself on one's relationship with the professional world". From the morning of Friday 18th September, the students of the IFF Europe D.U OPEN (Orientation Project Orientation) met by class for a day on the theme of meeting professionals. The whole thing, by putting them in a dynamic of informal one-to-one meetings and exchanges with professionals from Angers. In short, it was a question of the trainers of the D.U. "to make the students lift their fears and put them in a dynamic of meeting".

After having reflected in the morning on their social representation of work, the students then "set off" in pairs to Angers in search of "interviews" with professionals. An exercise which encouraged the students to forget their possible embarrassment or shyness and to spontaneously conduct a survey interview with the Angevins about their professional activity. On the menu of questions, what the interviewees like most (and then least) about their profession, the problems they most often have to solve, the criteria for determining whether someone is good at their job, etc. The questions were based on the following questions: what do they like best (and what do they dislike least) about their profession? The aim of this interview was therefore not to directly target an occupation or professional field that interested the students at the outset, but rather to meet professionals "for pleasure, and to learn how to be at ease", stressed the educational managers.

In the end, each pair was able to talk about their discoveries during the debriefing session after the lunch break. Some of them underlined the diversity of the people they met. One pair told of having been marked by an Angevin for whom "one recognises that a person is good and competent in his job when he likes his work". Another particularly appreciated the voluntarist side of a cheese maker who had had many professional experiences up to that point and who encouraged the two interlocutors to move forward. While some came across people who deplored the future career prospects for today's young people, others understood that there was no clear path, given the number of people interviewed who had experienced several professional reconversions during their lives.

In short, the dynamic is being launched within the IFF Europe  D.U OPEN, of which this day was only a small glimpse. It was an appetizer before a day - this time complete - of professional immersion which will take place on 16 November next.