IFF Europe : A program for university dropouts

The Tremplin course proposed by IFF Europe in Angers, allows dropouts or disoriented bachelors to get to know each other in order to know what they want to do with their lives and therefore what studies to pursue (Read: Students in reorientation: they have found their way thanks to the Tremplin course).
In six months (January to June), this training offers a real springboard to discover one's human and professional vocation and move forward.

Thanks to a human-sized staff, a personal and personalized accompaniment of each student is possible.

Interview of Aurélia Kauffmann and Sarah Le Fichant of IFF Europe

François Prouteau: What is dropping out of school?

Aurélia Kauffmann: At IFF Europe, we are interested in students who drop out of higher education. These are students who have interrupted their studies during the course of the year or university cycle. They may have had a difficult school career or, on the contrary, a rather easy path to the baccalaureate.

According to the OECD, in 2013, 1 in 4 first-year students will leave university without a diploma. 
In 2012, 1 in 5 students will leave the higher education system without a diploma.

François Prouteau: What are the symptoms of dropping out? 

Aurélia Kauffmann: Dropping out of school is often linked to a problem of orientation; young people ask themselves questions about the meaning of their studies and their professional life.  
But also around self-knowledge: the link between what I am or want to be and what I do or want to do. 
And this problem of guidance is often linked to self-confidence, because building a professional project requires confidence in oneself and in one's abilities (in one's ability to make the right choices); and confidence in the world, confidence that I belong in it. 

Dropping out is a break in the ideal or planned educational path.  This break leads to a feeling of failure that negatively impacts his or her self-esteem and confidence and the image he or she has of higher education. 

François Prouteau: And what do you propose to do about it? 

Sarah Le Fichant: The IFF Europe in Angers is a training institute, a centre associated with the UCO and the Fondacio school, an ecumenical community.
Our pedagogy is based on three dimensions: experiential, existential and intellectual learning, i.e. to deepen what gives meaning to their existence, to acquire theoretical foundations, working methods and field experience to lead their life project, especially in the professional field.

We propose a training course, the Tremplin course: 6 months to work full-time on their orientation questions from January to June. 
This training exists since 2010, with 177 students trained.

The Tremplin course is aimed at students between 18 and 25 years old, our pedagogy is participative with field experiences: professional internship and solidarity experience and an individualized accompaniment every 15 days by a referent accompanist.
The spirit of our training is to believe in each of our students and to accompany them in their search for orientation and meaning for their lives.

The Tremplin Objective is to develop, confront and implement your orientation project: which studies? For which professional project?

How to do it? 

- By getting to know each other better in order to gain self-esteem and self-confidence.  Being able to answer the question of Who am I? How do I function? What are my qualities? What are my limits? And develop a better understanding of man in society.

- By acquiring a better perception of the world's stakes (meeting people from different sectors, solidarity experience, internship in a professional environment...) and by trying to better understand the world of today in order to broaden one's awareness of social issues.

- By developing human and professional skills 

- By regaining a dynamic of success in his studies

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