IFF Europe: Therefore you didn't come for nothing!

Let's go for a year at IFF Europe!

This week, the students of IFF Europe have started the new school year. Flash on those of the D.U OPEN (Orientation Project ENgagement) who have now officially started their training.

Gathered in the Roger Schütz Hall, the new OPEN students were invited to introduce themselves to the others, to tell them why they came to this unique D.U. in France, and to talk about their professional dream(s) or their passions and the subjects they care about. This is a difficult exercise for some people who are not used to speaking in public. But in the end, touching and engaging testimonials.

A majority said they came to IFF Europe and joined the D.U OPEN to "gain confidence" or "gain trust", "find a goal" or "choose a direction". One said she was there "to grow out of it", another "to assert herself", and a third to "improve relationships and understand how others work". A fourth explained that he joined OPEN to "get to know himself". Elsewhere, another student spoke of her need to 'regain self-esteem' when another spoke of 'rekindling the flame' in her life.

Other testimonies were about the desire to "find happiness and be happy", to "discover oneself", to "make unique encounters", to "refocus on oneself", to "get to know oneself better".

" You have therefore not come for nothing! "reassured Agnès Teynié, the school director. Quoting François Prouteau, former director of the school, now president of the Fondacio movement, Agnès Teynié showed the new students of the D.U OPEN that " a real training is not a filling but a transformation ". "You will see that at the end of the year, continued the director, you will no longer see the world in the same way as before. »

Each student was thus invited to allow himself to be transformed in order to transform the world and improve it.
Everyone knows why they are there: they just have to take full advantage of the year to become "actor of their life" and "actor of the world to be transformed".