Interview of Sandie Carissan trainer at IFF Europe

Sandie Carissan, a psycho-sociologist and trainer at IFF Europe, has recently started recording and broadcasting podcasts on the internet. This is an opportunity for her to look at life stories where one can discover all kinds of backgrounds and vocations. Interview.

What do you do at IFF Europe?

I'm starting my second year as a trainer in the OPEN (Orientation Project Engagement) programme, which allows young people between 18 and 25 years old to build their professional project in one year while getting to know each other. The aim is for these young people to identify their assets, their needs, their limits, in order to understand their professional orientation questions while being more solid and above all to gain self-confidence. All this with a strong group spirit that makes them live an incredible year of otherness and sharing. For my part, I lead orientation workshops and I accompany young people individually in their questions of orientation and more broadly on the meaning they want to give to their lives. To be quite frank, individual accompaniment is the part I prefer!

"A sort of data bank with dozens and dozens of life stories where people have branched off, dared to do so, have made mistakes, have discovered themselves.

Why did you get into podcasting?

There are several reasons. The first is that I'm passionate about life stories: since I was a teenager, I've loved reading autobiographies, both Joey Starr's and Sister Emmanuelle's. I've been a podcasting fan since I was a teenager. The only condition is that the person has to tell their story and let me into their world! Then, thanks to the new formats offered on the web, I became a big consumer of podcasts. I listen to lots of stories, I listen to them as soon as I wake up, podcasts follow me on all my journeys! Moreover, being in daily contact with young people at IFF Europe, I have been marked by the seriousness and anxiety that these questions of orientation generate. I sometimes observe young people being shot down who, with pain, reduce their desires to meet the presumed expectations of society or their parents. Based on this observation and considering that I have always wanted to create my own "thing", I would like to propose to these young people - and to all those who are interested in questions of orientation / vocation - a sort of data bank with dozens and dozens of life stories where people have branched off, dared, have failed, have discovered themselves. I want them to be able to say to themselves with all these testimonies: "For me too it is possible! "I can create my own life! "Life is not a linear path! ».

"Questions of orientation can be painful, but knowing that many people experience questioning and stumbling, it feels good! »

How often do you publish your podcasts?

I publish an episode every other Monday, it's a good rhythm that allows me to assume my responsibilities at IFF Europe.

What do you expect from this podcasting work both for you and your audience?

I'd like to convey envy, enthusiasm and courage. I'd like listeners not to feel that they're alone in experiencing uncomfortable moments. Yes, questions of orientation can be painful, but knowing that many people are experiencing questions and stumbling, it feels good!

What are the upcoming meetings that are scheduled or that you can talk about?

The next episode to come out is an episode with Fred Poché, parent of a former OPEN student. He started by doing a BEP in mechanics and then became a lecturer in philosophy. It was very important for me to interview him because he and I went to BEP classes under the pretext that we weren't worth much. I would have loved to hear his testimony when I was the only one who believed in my dreams and in my vocation as a psychologist.

Any last words?

I could say I'm having a blast doing this podcast! I love learning a new profession; learning how to interview, learn how to edit episodes, and most of all, getting to know lots of people with inspiring backgrounds. So the final word could be that I'm blossoming! And finally, I'd also like to say to young people: "Have fun, be creative! ».

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