"Laudato Si" in African highschools!

Laudato Si ' : Much more than a simple surface anxiety but a real awareness of the high school students. 

The representatives/delegates of the pupils of the Père Aupiais secondary school in Cotonou began this Thursday, January 14, 2021, to reflect in depth on the "Laudato Si" initiatives in the school environment. 

It is through this information session organised for them by Fondacio in Benin and the Youth Chaplaincy of Cotonou, that the motivation of this group of young leaders, whose envisaged impact is to see the emergence of pro-active young people, capable of bringing about a change in behaviour in favour of an integral ecology within this place of education and knowledge, begins.

Laudato Si
Very touched by the depth of the exchanges, these young delegates are in the process of becoming the ecological ideas box within this college which has more than 1040 students. 

Let us recall that the initiative takes advantage of the ecological programme called #AgoraEcologica set up by Fondacio in Burkina, Togo and Benin in partnership with the Diocesan Youth Chaplaincy of Cotonou, to raise awareness of our responsibility in safeguarding the common house and to act locally by creating "Laudato Si" groups throughout the diocese of Cotonou. 

Let us mobilise for the safeguarding of our common home.