A look-back on Ange 's 2021 summer camp

Placed under the theme "See you in the village for our 20 years" and started on Monday, July 19, 2021 at Tchékpo Dédékpoe, Ange 's summer camp brought together nearly 150 children and youth from the reception centers of Lomé and Kpomé in a festive atmosphere. Several activities were organized during this camp for the sole pleasure of the of this camp for the sole pleasure of the participants.

Board games, evening shows, discussions, film screenings, soccer and judo games, and workcamps were all part of the two weeks spent in the the village for our 20th anniversary. For entrust the camp in the hands of God, a mass was celebrated was celebrated at the very beginning, at the parish of St Michel Archangel of Tchékpo Dédékpoe.

The first workcamp was devoted to weeding and planting pineapples. Children plowed the land, picked up the pineapple plants and put them in the ground. Some 2,200 pineapple plants were planted during the camp. Artemisia nurseries were also planted by the summer students. Another workcamp was dedicated to reforestation. The participants, supervisors and officials of the NGO ANGE have proceeded to plant more than 3000 acacia and maogen plants next to the next to the Catholic Church of Tchekpo Dedekpoe and in the high school of Tchekpo Dedekpoe.

This activity, which is part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the NGO ANGE, is a way to act for the protection of the environment, a key point in the community development policy implemented by the NGO ANGE in the Commune YOTO 2.


In addition to these activities, a soccer tournament, called "ANGE's 20th anniversary soccer tournament" took place on Saturday, July 24, in the public elementary school N°3 of Tchekpo Dédékpoe. Organized by the association of former beneficiaries and animators of ANGE, DIASPORANGE, this activity involved two trophies and saw the participation of all the young people who came to the summer camp. The Green team won the trophy against the Red team in a penalty shoot-out. After having been beaten by the reds at the beginning of the game, the greens took their revenge after having been drafted from the elimination. The second place went to the and the three finalist teams all received gold, silver and medals in gold, silver and bronze.


As is customary, the famous fire party was also featured this year in keeping with tradition. The campfire, lit on the evening of Wednesday, July 28, brought together all the summer people as well as the supervisors around traditional dances and songs.
An evening was dedicated to the volunteers who finished their international solidarity mission with the NGO ANGE during the camp. These volunteers, who were deployed on several ANGE projects, brought added value and supported these efforts, especially in the canton of Tchekpo. They were involved in the purchase of new socio-educational games for the village library, pharmaceutical products for the children and the organization of several educational activities such as sensitizations and the 16th edition of the summer camp.


This camp ends on a positive note with many challenges taken up regarding its organization as such and in relation to the planned activities. Let's remember that this great vacation activity is an effective means of stabilization and reintegration of the street children that we accompany. Even more, today, established in the prefecture of Yoto, ANGE wants to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions and the development of the full potential of children and youth in their basic community. and youth in their community.

We cannot end without expressing our gratitude to the various without expressing our gratitude to the various partners who have supported us in the realization of this project.