The Marthe Robin case - The seism !

The controversy over the extraordinary life and mystical phenomena of Marthe Robin is resurfacing like an earthquake today. 

Marthe Robin, who died in 1981 at the age of 78, is admired as one of the great spiritual figures of the 20th century. She brought help to thousands of people by her listening and advice. She inspired the creation of the Foyers de Charité with Father Finet. She is known as the "stigmatised of the Drôme": for fifty years she would have lived without any food, completely paralysed at the bottom of her bed, suffering the Passion of Christ every Friday, with a whole series of extraordinary phenomena such as the appearance of stigmata on her hands and feet. 

Her process of beatification began to be instructed at the end of the 1980s. "But her case has never ceased to fuel scepticism" (Frédéric Boyer, La Croix Hebdo, 10 Oct. 2020).

It is within the framework of this canonical investigation that the Church, through Mgr Marchand, bishop of Valence, and Mgr Bouvier, promoter of justice in Marthe's cause, entrusted the theologian Conrad de Meester, Carmes déchaux, at the beginning of February 1988, to conduct investigations based on Marthe's writings, i.e. 4000 typed pages. Conrad de Meester was well acquainted with the great female mystical figures of the 20th century, their lives and works. Let us quote Thérèse de Lisieux, Edith Stein, Elisabeth de la Trinité. As a theologian, scholar and renowned critical analyst, he studied the case of Marthe Robin and submitted a detailed report to Rome in 1989. Conrad de Meester demonstrates and denounces a fraud systematically organised by Marthe Robin. Conrad de Meester, until his death on 6 December 2019, will work to try to understand the enormity of Marthe Robin's deception, so that "the evangelical demand for truth" may triumph. 

All the scientific research conducted by Conrad de Meester has just been published under the title La fraude mystique de Marthe Robin by Éditions du Cerf, this October 2020. As I close the book this morning, I am shocked by everything that appears in the watermark on each page and knocks down the statue of Martha Robin, which she helped to erect carefully and painfully over a period of 50 years. This is underlined in the last sentence, which is supported by a very rigorous argument developed over 358 pages by Conrad de Meester: "This is why, in my opinion, there is nothing, strictly speaking, about the mystical fraud of Martha Robin that should be venerated or conserved".