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Fondacio integrates and acts in a world that moves quickly to make it become more and more humane and just. The News Pages show some of Fondacio’s recent and upcoming events around the world. 

The wall of your dreams

During this month of February, the art therapy workshop belonging to the program of Un Hogar Más Digno began the cons

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Cultivating mushrooms in Green Pastures

Cultivating mushrooms– making a stand against poverty in one of the poorest villages in Myanmar

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Fondacio Chile : A grain of sand in Las Canteras

On August 25, a new day of the common pot 'Un Granito de Arena' took place.

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Winter Campaign for a Un Hogar Mas Digno in Chile

In addition to changing windows, fixing ceilings, insulating pieces and bathrooms, it was a meeting between neighbors

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Interview of Angela : A Young Lives' alumnus

Young Lives (formerly known as YLDC) is an initiative of Fondacio in Asia.

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Helping the children of Hountigomé (Lomé-Togo) benefit from quality education!

In the Hountigomé district of Lomé, many children come to do their homework at the Fondacio-Togo community house to t

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Discovering L'Ermitage in Versailles France

L'Ermitage : Since 1999, Fondacio has been based here, to promote spirituality but above all formation, resourcefulne

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OASIS San Isidro, Bogotá

They end up staying in the street where they run the risk of rubbing drugs and delinquency.

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Fondacio gives hope to youth in Manila

This summer, Christine Florence, a journalist, spent two months with Fondacio Philippines, sharing her time between t

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