News from Fondacio in Chile

As of this month of July, Fondacio has begun to work with the "Confia" booklet, a solidarity system that links the families most in need of food with their local grocer by means of the old concept of trust.

The system works by means of a " Confia " notebook where the grocer writes down the products entrusted to a certain family with a limit of $40,000.

This way, that family can buy the food they really need, at the moment they require it, excluding liquor, cigarettes and games of chance. The system has the double objective of supporting local commerce by allowing the money to remain in the neighborhood when Fondacio deposits the amount to that grocer thanks to the donations received.

While a pilot group of 15 families from El Barrero started in June, 10 more families will join during July.

The system will be monitored by a team from Fondacio, who will follow up on both the families and the stores involved to check that everything is working as planned.

It is time to "trust" each other again and support those who need us most. If you are thinking of joining a program that supports the neediest families and at the same time supports local neighborhood businesses, .