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Couples and Families

For each of us, it is in the family experience that the foundations of the whole life are built. The quality of relationships within couples and families is an important part of the future of humanity.

Fondacio wants to allow couples to say Yes, as time goes by. We believe that it is possible to succeed as a couple, to create a happy family, a source of caring relationships and able to go through difficult times.

For each of us, it is within the family experience that the foundations of a lifetime are laid. The quality of relationships within couples and families has an important influence on the future of humanity. The challenge - on all continents - is to help couples have a good start in their love and make it last, and also to overcome their difficulties through dialogue and the ability to forgive.

Through various propositions, Fondacio will help you renew the desire to live together, to take the means to build your life as a couple and as a family, to find positive solutions to the difficulties encountered and to spiritually enlighten your relationships.

Some of our proposals

Training cycles on different themes: dialogue in the couple, the language of love, living your sexuality, the couple in the Bible, separated-divorced ...

Regular couple sharing groups.

Couples sessions (with or without spiritual proposal, and reception for children).

Themed Evenings or mornings.

To love each other differently and honor women in Africa: to promote the place of women within the African couple and to fight against family dislocation, the main factor in the phenomenon of street children in Africa.

To find out more, visit Fondacio's various national websites.


“I have discovered the strength and importance of authentic dialogue...
I realize that a situation seen as blocked is not necessarily blocked.”

“We arrived in crisis, we found ourselves... and we leave with concrete elements to make the benefits of these reunions last”

“When we arrive at two, almost foreigners, plus our children, we leave husband and wife, as a couple, as a family!”

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