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Fondacio is involved in many solidarity actions all around the world



Building a more humane and just world means engaging together with the poorest and most vulnerable. With its partners, Fondacio implements development and solidarity projects (PDS), acting as closely as possible to local difficulties and proposing solutions, care, rehabilitation programs, support, training, reintegration assistance, ...

Combining commitment and meaning

Fondacio is involved in development and solidarity projects (PDS) whose aim is to give men and women, who are experiencing difficulties of all kinds, the means to become actors of their lives, by promoting the development of their autonomy or by helping them to rebuild themselves.

Fondacio's development and solidarity programs and projects are based on the search for personal autonomy, respect for local cultures and the principle of subsidiarity. Even if some situations require urgent action, Fondacio's action is based on the long term and therefore leaves much room for the formation of local actors.


Be useful as close as possible to local issues

In some countries where Fondacio operates, the community promotes the involvement of its members in solidarity development programs to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable. Projects address the specific needs of each region.

These programs are run by associations governed by local law and managed by local actors integrated into the socio-economic fabric. The projects are aimed at the entire population, regardless of political or religious affiliation. They are conducted in conjunction with local civil and political structures.

Other solidarity actions are carried out outside these programs as shown below.



Get engaged all over the world
with partners to meet many challenges

For Fondacio, forging partnerships in each region is the guarantee of the right intervention for each project. They make it possible to create bridges between the different worlds, to learn from each other, in a spirit of mutual aid and synergy of skills and means. Our flagship projects are working with key partners to address the diversity of challenges. 

Development and solidarity actions in Africa

Among these actions:
  • ANGE : giving a future to street children in Lomé, Togo. 
  • SICHEM: developing rural areas through vocational training and the creation of schools in the north of Lomé. 
  • LE JADE – POUR LA VIE: fighting against AIDS and providing support and social assistance in Lomé, Togo 
  • JEUNES DISCIPLES REVELATEUR DE TALENTS:  providing young people with a solid education to support their first steps in life: civic engagement, non-violence, fight against inappropriate behavior, in Bénin. 
  • SO-ZOUNKO: literacy projects, tutoring and a library in Bénin.
  • LPJ: education and formation for young people and adults in Burkina Faso.


Development and solidarity actions in Asia

Among these actions:

Development and solidarity actions in Latin America

Among these actions:
  • OASIS: support the development of a slum in Colombia through an education, housing, health and environment plan.
  • BIBLIOTECA LOS ALMENDROS: developing culture for all in a disadvantaged district of Santiago, Chile. 
  • UN HOGAR MÁS DIGNO: improving the housing of the most disadvantaged in the most deprived district of Santiago, Chile, and restoring the dignity of each individual through social support. 

Humanitarian and social actions in Europe

Among these actions : 
  • CAMP CHANTIER: work on the renovation of a building with a team of people living through a difficult period and looking for a new lease of life. 
  • VACANCES SOLIDAIRES: to offer a time of relaxation and conviviality to people in precarious situations, important times for the reconstruction and reintegration of people. 
  • L’ERMITAGE: offering accommodation and fraternal support to people living on the streets. 
  • ROMANIA: assistance to isolated populations in Romania (Dobraia). 

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